Another Other Othersの違い



Another は単数の不特定の可算名詞 (singular nonspecific countable noun)と使います。


Otherは複数の不特定の可算名詞 (plural or uncountable nonspecific noun)と使います。


Others は、Otherと複数の不特定の可算名詞の代名詞です。(a pronoun to replace other + plural or uncountable nonspecific noun)







I need a pencil.

I need another pencil.(単数の不特定の可算名詞)

I need other pencils.(複数の不特定の可算名詞)

I need others. (この文ではothers = pencils


This cookie was great. I’d like another.

Another = 他のもう1つ 

意味は、I’d like another. = I’d like another one/I’d like another cookie.


The otherの使い方は、



I don’t want this cookie. I want the other one.


the other = 他の特定の何か1つ


The Othersは、特定の「他の物・残りの物(全部)」の使い方もあります。


You can have this one cookie, but I’m eating the others.






Others can ofter refer to other people. 


Sam and Maggie were on time for the meeting, but the others were late.


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