Take the time とtake one’s time/take your timeの違い

Take the timeとは、

“to spend enough time to do something” の意味です。

If you take the time to study, that test isn’t so difficult.



Take one’s timeとは、

“to go as slow as one wants or needs to; to use as much time as is required”、”to go about something slowly and carefully” の意味です。

Sam is very careful and takes his time to avoid mistakes.


Take your timeとは、

“to not hurry”の意味になります。



皮肉っぽく使う時の”to take one’s time” の意味は、

“to take more time to do something than is considered acceptable; dawdle, take too long” 等です。

You sure took your time getting here!


英語の文法練習はこのテキスト・Understanding and Using English Grammar with Audio CDs and Answer Key (4th Edition)をお勧めです。文法の参考書は、こちらのガイド・Practical English Usageも実用的です。私も両方レッスンで使っています。