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Willとbe going toの使い分け。どっち?

Willbe going toどっち? 使い分け、難しいですね。英語の学習でよくある質問です。






The sun will rise tomorrow.


If you drop the vase, it will break.



未来の事について、何かを根拠に推測する時は、be going to を使います。


The traffic is horrible. You’re going to be late for your meeting.


There are no clouds today. It’s going to be a nice day.


He didn’t study at all for the exam. He’s going to fail.



未来の事について、自分の意見をベースに予想する時は、will を使います。


I think the Liberal Democratic Party will lose the next election.





I’ll meet you here at 4pm tomorrow.


Will you help me with this assignment?



未来の予定・何かもう計画していた事は、going to.


A: The test tomorrow will be very difficult.

B: Yes, I’m going to study all night.


A:Do you have any plans for your vacation?

B: We’re going to just stay home and relax.





A:What would you like to drink?

B:I’ll just have water. Thanks.


A:I cant open this window!

B:I will help you with that.



何かが今すぐ起こりそうな時は、going to.


Get out of here! This building is going to collapse!

英語の文法練習はこのテキスト・Understanding and Using English Grammar with Audio CDs and Answer Key (4th Edition)をお勧めです。文法の参考書は、こちらのガイド・Practical English Usageも実用的です。私も両方レッスンで使っています。